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Ozone Treatments

Ozone Treatment Services In Portland Metro & Surrounding.

Step into a realm of advanced Ozone Treatments at Oregon Healthy Homes LLC, where we redefine cleanliness to transcend traditional solutions. Experience a service that doesn’t just clean but transforms your environment into one that fosters health and sustainability.

Why Ozone Treatments?

Harnessing the power of ozone, a natural and potent oxidizing agent, our Ozone Treatments at Oregon Healthy Homes are designed to eliminate odors, eradicate bacteria, and purify the air. From homes and offices spaces, our Ozone Treatments are versatile and adaptable to various environments. Experience transformative effects in the spaces that matter most to you.


Odor Elimination

Say goodbye to persistent and stubborn odors with our Ozone Treatments. Whether it's lingering animal odor, apparel scent, athletic smells, cigarette or tobacco smoke, or the aftermath of cooking adventures, our advanced treatments effectively neutralize and eliminate unwanted smells. From decomposing odors, fire and mold smells to musty and organic scents, we've got you covered. Our specialized approach extends to pet odors, mite control, and urine odors, ensuring a thorough and rejuvenating treatment that leaves your space fresh and revitalized.


Bacteria and Mold Removal

Utilize the disinfecting power of ozone to combat harmful bacteria and mold. Our treatments target and eradicate these microorganisms, promoting a healthier living or working environment.


Air Purification

Breathe easy with improved air quality. Ozone Treatments help purify the air by breaking down pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants, creating a cleaner and more enjoyable atmosphere.


Environmentally Friendly

Opt for a green solution with our Ozone Treatments. Ozone is a natural component of the environment, and our process leaves no chemical residue, making it a sustainable choice for your home or business.

Why Choose Us For Ozone Treatments?

At Oregon Healthy Homes, we take pride in delivering exceptional services that surpass the ordinary. Our Ozone Treatments offer a holistic approach to cleanliness, ensuring that your space not only looks clean but is genuinely healthier for you, your family, or your employees. We prioritize your safety while delivering unparalleled freshness to your living spaces. Utilizing ozone technology, we ensure a thorough and secure deodorization, sterilization, and disinfection process for your home. Our meticulous approach involves the removal of anything organic from the environment, followed by a precise ozone treatment at optimal concentrations. We take safety precautions seriously, constantly monitoring levels with advanced meters to guarantee that your space is not only revitalized but also consistently maintained at safe and healthy ozone levels. 

Ready to experience the rejuvenating effects of Ozone Treatments? Contact us today for a consultation and let Oregon Healthy Homes elevate the freshness and purity of your living or working space.

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