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Indoor air Monitoring & evaluations

Indoor Air Monitoring & Evaluation Services In Portland Metro & Surrounding.

We have made understanding what is contaminating your indoor air our priority. We offer a FREE air quality evaluation with any of our services. Having a complete evaluation of what is going on inside your home allows us to provide expert solutions for all of your indoor air quality improvement needs.

Along with our indoor air quality evaluations, we also offer indoor air monitoring. Unlike the quick evaluation, the monitoring lasts 48 hours. Using the Air Advice Monitor we are able to perform a 48 hour SMART IAQ assessment.


About the Air Advice Monitor

Knowing what is in your indoor air is important! The Air Advice monitor allows us to see what pollutants are in your air and provides recommendations on ways to improve it. 

A few of the items the Air Advice Monitor reports


Health Control

We test for particle allergens, chemical pollutants, and carbon dioxide. Recommendations are also provided on what can be done to improve these areas.


Comfort Control

We test for temperature and humidity. Recommendations are also provided on what can be done to improve these findings.


Safety Control

We test for acceptable levels of carbon monoxide. If needed, recommendations are also provided on what can be done to improve these findings.

Looking for continuous monitoring?

Do you want a more long-term, hands-off solution? We have partnered with HAVEN. HAVEN is a professionally installed smart system which provides peace of mind when it comes to your indoor air quality.

HAVEN is installed alongside your existing heating and cooling system. The monitor is continuously tracking; when your air quality needs improvement, the controller automatically activates your heating and cooling system to help increase circulation, filtration, and to improve your air quality.

Our indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

Studies state that air inside our homes can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air!


How is the IAQ in your home?

Air quality evaluations conducted with the Air Advice system show that 96% of homes have indoor air quality concerns.


Asthma and allergy sufferers?

Clean air is vital for those that suffer from asthma and allergies. It is reported that 25.5M Americans suffer from asthma and 1 in 5 people who have allergies also have asthma!

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is the air within a building and how it directly affects the health and comfort of it’s occupants.

Using the Air Advice system, our evaluation includes a 30 minute snapshot of your indoor environment, visual inspection of internal and external components of your HVAC system, and a detailed explanation of the IAQ report and findings with Oregon Healthy Homes LLC recommended expert solutions.

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